Swollen Ankles and The Miracle Of Love

Pregnancy... One of the greatest Miracles in Gods creation. The result of two people wholeheartedly loving each other so much that they want to create a combined version of themselves. BUT this amazing miracle comes accompanied with so many less than pleasant things such as swollen ankles, constant potty breaks, stretch marks, waddles, the inevitable of losing the ability to even see your own feet, and of course the whole shebang of laboring that sweet bundle outta our bodies that grew for 40 weeks. As women, we endure so much to grow life inside of us. I myself have 1 daughter. Every bit of the 'less than pleasant' things are worth the end result. I have been putting off this whole blogging thing because I didn't really know where to begin or how to approach it. I decided this session would be the perfect one to start with. This sweet Mama happens to be one of my best friends so I cherish these photos more than usual, and I feel my love for her shines through them. She looks absolutely gorgeous in every single photo you will see below... Even if she doesn't think so. I think we as Mamas should embrace every aspect of pregnancy and take the bad with the good. I hope she sees how truly beautiful she because I know right now she feels like she couldn't get any bigger. I know she worries that her lil piggies and ankles are swollen but thats because they are supporting this other human inside. It doesn't make her any less beautiful, though. I hope you all enjoy viewing these beautiful portraits as much as I have!